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It is out of the question for our government to decide that one belief is right and another is wrong. Thyroid illnesses affect at least a fifth of people in the UK — mainly women. Speaking of Wilkins Airport, that was where I had my first airplane ride. Call 440-247-8955 or visit www. You who would silence me are no better than any dictator who ever ruled with fear of death.

Underoath - When The Sun Sleeps (Drum Cover)

The America that frowned upon such despicable actions. Add Event. Well, Mr.

Why do you feel so tired? There could be a serious illness behind your exhaustion

I got in trouble one morning for moving the three wise men ahead and didn't think my mom would notice, but she did. Sept 28. Tsk, tsk, how sad that we all think it is fine for us to voice our opinions but as soon as someone has a different one, we condemn them. Rich Howard, where did you read that I was against people having opinions?

I said that this country was formed with Christian principles by Christians who, by the way, guaranteed the rights of non-Christians. Just e-mail me and maybe we can "relive" some memories of the past that we went through together.

Your post is very well written with good grammar and no spelling errors that I can see. Now its just an overgrown mud hole. Physical activity is impossible; heavier periods; night sweats; breast tenderness; loss of libido and mood swings.

Maybe it has seen it's time.

The mountains, the lakes, the rafting, the camping, hiking and fishing are the best! Call 440-331-0403 or visit www. It's the same as if you blame me for slavery when neither I nor anyone else in my blood line ever owned or condoned owning them. Granted TV and radio provide immediate coverage of news events in a way that newspapers cannot; however, newspapers provide a depth of coverage and thoughtfulness that TV and radio either cannot or will not.

I for one have decided not to let those whom I disagree with get the better of me and will bite my cyber tongue from here on out in regards to Rich's posts. You take a position, close your eyes, cover your ears and bellow.

During high school it was the place to go on those Friday and Saturday nights it was legal then to drink at 18 Can someone tell me what it is today?