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ICE Detainee Locator. A green card or work permit will show this number. Federal Sentencing Grid. Interpol - Missing People.

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US Federal Criminal Laws. These are the straightforward crimes that are mentioned in the immigration law.

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US District Court Locator. If the person being detained requires specific medical care, an attorney can ensure that they receive that care. In other words the visitor must have some form of currently valid immigration status at the time of the visit. Street Gang Information. Conviction of an aggravated felony, if the person was removed from the U.

National Sex Offender Registry.

FBI Kidnappings. EPA - Most Wanted. NamUs - National Missing Persons. US Attorney Office Locator. BOP Designation Decisions. ATF - Most Wanted. This includes anyone who knowingly aided, abetted, assisted, conspired, or colluded in illicit drug trafficking.

The five-year ban also applies if they failed to show up for their removal hearing in the United States. Your Broker - A Scammer? It also includes the spouse, son, or daughter of the inadmissible applicant if that person has, within the last five years, received any financial or other benefit from the illicit activities, and knew or reasonably should have known where the money or benefit came from.

SEC Offices.