How to repair edge of fiberglass hood

how to repair edge of fiberglass hood

Check specific product documents for mixing ratios. Focus the sanding effort only on the high spots until everything is flush.


Rebuilding Blasphemi 04: Something as simple as a dust mask can go a long way to preserve quality of life. For example, resin requires less catalyst to polymerize in hotter ambient temperatures and more catalyst to polymerize in cooler temperatures.

A sailor friend of mine informed me that I would need to glass in a large patch first, and sequentially step down to a patch the size of the hole. This additive will allow for an open—air cure, thin your gel coat, and reduce orange peel.

how to repair edge of fiberglass hood

Take some fiberglass cloth, roll it up and then with a sharp pair of scissors cut it into shreads. Even slight damage like scratches and gouges will mar the finished appearance. To learn how to fix it properly, we have to understand how fiberglass works in the first place.

Our 1102 and 1103 Mold Polishe s are prefect for use with either polyester and epoxy patches or gel coat finishes.

how to repair edge of fiberglass hood

One more thing bears mentioning when talking resin: Turn the cowl over and place it on top of one of the backing strips. Lightweight, Durable, and Extremely Sharp.

Repairing Damaged Fiberglass Parts

Apply the cloth to the crack, and remove any trapped air. Nice work. Here is an excellent tip sheet too. Unlike conventionally molded parts, where release agents are applied to the mold surface, SMC is compounded with a release agent dispersed within the resin mix for faster processing.

how to repair edge of fiberglass hood

Make sure the resin you choose, suits the needs of your project. This will give you the ability to feather your repair into the undamaged surface. CliveW2 2 years ago.

how to repair edge of fiberglass hood

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