How to cancel groupon merchant center

Manage Campaigns with Groupon Merchant Tools

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how to cancel groupon merchant center

This is the url for their guide. Get a clear view of how Groupon helps your business grow.

how to cancel groupon merchant center

When I call a just get a voice mail. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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Groupon continues to give us the run around regarding payment. The deal sold about half of what the sales rep estimated.

how to cancel groupon merchant center

Such a situation puts merchants in a bind. I hope it helps! Size 96.

Does Anyone Know How To Cancel Or Stop A Groupon Campaign?

Try Calling this number xxx xxx xxxx ths is their inbound sales number and you can ask for who your representative would be now or just tell the rep that you would like to delete the account. Monitor sales, respond to customers, and track payments with our easy-to-use apps and Merchant Center.

Hi Alan, What I posted was a link for Groupon's guide tha contains information on how to end campaigns which is the information you were looking for. Here is the problem.

Groupon is threatening small merchants with lawsuits

Dozens of deals are being run at once. If their guide directed you to an outdated dashboard which sounds strange, it would probably be best to call them for help.

how to cancel groupon merchant center

The same deal is run repeatedly. Post Answer.

how to cancel groupon merchant center

We would call the customers off the second deal and let them know we are not being paid. By submitting, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Alignable terms of use.