Broguiere eggnog huell howser

For the uninitiated, this liquid gold would be from a family-owned dairy farm that's been operating since 1920, famous equally for its steadfast commitment to selling its milk in glass bottles and for its seasonal egg nog that Huell Howser once enthusiastically declared to be "excellent!

broguiere eggnog huell howser

Huell travels to two significant but little-known places in California. However, overfishing and pollution has led to their decline.

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Today Huell visits a vast man-made valley that remains a testament to the power of this process. Maybe you've seen it at your local store? It's the middle of December, which means you might be busy roasting chestnuts and decorating trees and, somewhat less glamorously, checking nearly every supermarket in town in the annual hunt for a Broguiere's egg nog. The neon sign was a rival at that time to the Hollywoodland sign, and amazingly has been brought out of the past by Huell.

Eggnog Update

The Park marks the 1839 settlement that would become our state's capital, and play a major role in California history when gold was discovered nearby in 1848. Huell is joined by a Hollywood costume designer to find out how California culture, especially movies, influence what people wear to the shore everywhere.

broguiere eggnog huell howser

Photo by chotda via Flickr. A reader excitedly e-mails over that he's spotted Broguiere's Farm Fresh Daily egg nog with the face of California's cheerleader, Huell Howser , illustrated on the bottle. He samples some goodies at the Fudge Factory and checks out some very unique art at Liesel's Art Studio and has lunch at an unlikely French bistro, the French Corner. Huell takes a hundred-foot ride down in an elevator that was built in the late 1800s to explore this underwater marvel.

It's distinctly peppered with nutmeg and other spices, slightly sweet but not overly so; good enough, in other words, to demolish memories of terrible egg nogs of holidays past.

Broguiere’s Eggnog on ‘Visiting with Huell Howser’

Likewise, the organ from the Fox Theatre has a new life entertaining audiences at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. Whether for taking in the waters or taking in the sun, California beaches have long been a destination for vacationers and locals alike. Anticipating the Future of Jordan Downs.

broguiere eggnog huell howser

The first on the entire west coast, with 142 years of service to our nation, the Mare Island Naval Shipyard has been a long time builder of California's naval gold. And that's a quart...

broguiere eggnog huell howser

LA's jazz scene is on the upswing. Top Stories Send:.

broguiere eggnog huell howser

Huell travels to Pismo State Beach to visit the largest overwintering site for Monarch butterflies in the U. It's totally hormone free and their cows are very well taken care of. And so, unless you really enjoy the thrill of the egg hunt, maybe this year you can skip all those supermarket parking lots and just go straight to the source, to Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy in Montebello.

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