What is a pantaloon twenty one pilots

what is a pantaloon twenty one pilots

This chorus explain and justifies why one would lose his or her mind at an older age. Flag parker1042 on November 13, 2017. Login Register Login with Facebook.

Music Monday – Lyric Meanings – “The Pantaloon”

My Interpretation From my understanding, "pantaloon" is an Italian term referring to a crazy old guy. The young boy has learned not to trust his grandpa for a few possible reasons.

It's a song about people growing old, growing crazy, and dying.

what is a pantaloon twenty one pilots

I will go into detail verse by verse. No tags, suggest one. He's seen too many stare downs Between the sun and the moon In the morning air How he used to hustle all the people Walking through the fairgrounds He's been around so long He's changed his meaning of a chair now Because a chair now, Is like a tiny island in the sea of all the people Who glide across the very surface That made his bones feeble The end can't come soon enough But is it too soon?

About how the grandfather died because of it and how the father and the son will follow him. Editar playlist. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Pantaloon

As google states, pantaloons are women's baggy trousers gathered at the ankles. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And then when he became old and all his friends fertilized the ground he became the crazy old man so lose your mind. Twitter Facebook Google. Flag sokorny on April 10, 2017.

what is a pantaloon twenty one pilots

The day being the span of life and night being death itself But if someone has found faith in Christ then that person can look forward to the morning being reawakened in Heaven being a warmer brighter future where there is no more pain and no more cold. He fears that he'll never live up to what everyone makes him believe he has to, and it's those fears that keep him going day to day. Incorrect Password.

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That being said, I think this line is symbolic of life being viewed as one long day. What Tyler meant when he said that your dad and grandpa were pantaloons, he meant that they arent like other people. I believe this song is about depression and how it can run in the family.... Maybe in The Pantaloon, the characters family are starting to dislike the world. But the end of the day does not mean the end of the man's existence.

what is a pantaloon twenty one pilots

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