Okeh vine guy who pranks

Contact Stephen Abbott Pugh at stephen.

okeh vine guy who pranks

Works in civic technology and online media Contact Stephen Abbott Pugh at stephen. As for Hogan's claim that he was attracted to her, that seems to have been a figment of her imagination. Submit it here.

Share On vk Share On vk Share. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp. Even Justin Bieber made his own tribute. She also explained that that she believed Jackson was staring at her because he found her attractive. Facebook comments.

This Is What Happens When A Guy From Rwanda Finds Out He's Been Internet Famous For Months

Until then I had heard nothing about it. However, she didn't remember the name of his tour company, so couldn't help track him down. Born in 1988, Bizagwira lives in a village close to the park, which borders the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

okeh vine guy who pranks

View this vine on Vine. Inevitably, it's become a meme , being remixed into a dizzying range of scenarios by other Viners: Lives in Kigali, Rwanda. Share On twitter Share On twitter Share. Every day, he helps tourists visiting Rwanda's famous mountain gorillas by carrying equipment and supplies alongside a team of guides and trackers, a job he said he likes very much. As well as working as a porter, he also runs the local barber's.

The Vine was published on 29 December by 18-year-old Lilianna Hogan, from California, who was on holiday with her family in Rwanda. The original has now been viewed more than 32 million times, becoming one of the best-known Vines in recent months. Got a confidential tip? He did, however, seem to be completely bemused by the various remixes and mash-ups — it turns out that Kanye West and Star Wars aren't exactly on his radar.

okeh vine guy who pranks

Then it went viral LOL. In an email to Fusion in March , Hogan offered some more information: He said it was "strange" to see the video — and BuzzFeed News' attempts to explain Vine memes probably didn't help him to make sense of it all.

It was spliced into films such as Star Wars and used as a punchline to a series of visuals gags attracting another 22 million views. Works in civic technology and online media.