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I have spring-mvc project. That might be more confusing than just a warning, though, since new modules that do this or modules in other repositories would fail. Sign up using Email and Password. I use another user there. Usually the problem is that there are incompatible versions of the same jar in the class path as a very generic example spring-core 3. Configuration of some components has changed between 1.

These files are containing the class javax.transaction

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Bug - Deployment plans and repository lists are sensitive to linebreaks and spaces in test data - No trimming in XML deployment plan - FileUtils. Using the following build. Also, there are bundles for each persistence provider. New issue. Jun 08, 2010: Here are the guides: The 1. One easiest way to fix this is to use the TattleTale plugin to report which classes are duplicated in your classpath.

java – Eclipse.手动运行测试并使用“maven install”后的不同行为

Download A new EasyBeans version is out and is available in the Downloads section or in the OW2 maven repository or any maven mirror. Start with an empty Ivy cache Shove above build. The linked workaround in the previous comment unfortunately does not work for dependants, so users of a library would have to add the workaround as well, breaking transitivity.

Mar 30, 2010: Mon Oct 14 19: You signed out in another tab or window. Now, if the assumption above is correct, then one following might apply these comes from my experience. I doesn't understand what the root. Reload to refresh your session. Propagation ID for tracking calls - Add support for Hibernate 3. Getting started with JOnAS 4. EasyBeans 2.