What is considered low action bass

Yes, my password is: I haven't found a lot of guidance on the web either, most of what I find relates to guitars.

What is considered low action on a bass?

Well I guess it isn't off. Most people think my action is high. If you have a capo, attach it at the first fret; otherwise, hold down the E-string or B-string on a 5-string bass at the 1st fret with your left index finger.

what is considered low action bass

Set it as low or high as it needs to be until you feel comfortable with it. Nut height, truss rod, and saddle height. I use an allen key under the string at the 24th fret to level my string: Customer Support They also have some cool video explaining that: If the string is touching any of these frets, the neck needs more relief.

What is low action?

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what is considered low action bass

That doesn't mean it's really playable in real life situations where you are not able to pluck each string as carefully as when you have it in your lap. Nov 7, 2011 19. I'm an idiot.

what is considered low action bass

Oct 23, 2011 10. Even many brand new basses can benefit from a good fret levelling.

If you take it to a tech, they will ask what specs you want it set it at. Warnings Do not force the truss rod nut. I've been practicing recently for a rock gig covers of the aformentioned bands and although I can play the notes comfortably, I wonder what toll 14 years of gigging this style of music would have had on my digits! Oct 23, 2011 8. Cookies make wikiHow better. Mine's probably 'medium', 3-4 mm at the 12th fret at a guess?

what is considered low action bass