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Please note: Westside Wholesale offers affiliate programs for qualifying orders and customers, according to their affiliate programs policies. Sign In Sign Up. We researched this, and it does not look like Westside Wholesale offers free returns currently. The catch here is that these items might come at a higher purchase price.

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Before assuming the item is defective, please contact the product's manufacturer or consult our knowledgeable sales team, who may be able to prevent you from going through the hassle of returning an item that simply needs an adjustment.

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For a few items as noted on the product page , we will not accept returns on defective claims, because the manufacturer has required its distributors to field the claims first and provide parts to the customer if necessary. You have been in the business for a while and your traditional channels, the wholesale suppliers are not cutting it, even with all the loyalty discounts you are getting. Buying and selling used products is something you might not want to deal with. It appears that Westside Wholesale may not offer military discounts currently.

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Please wait... Sometimes the retailer shipped the wrong size or color of the product, the customer expected the product to be different or the item delivered is not something the customer ordered. In regards to special orders, restocking fees can be signifigantly higher. Our credits department is required to report a damaged shipment to the carrier within 2 business days, otherwise reimbursement for the shipment may be withheld.

Takes Apple Pay. Customers who want to return any item should read this carefully to avoid any confusion. Westside Wholesale competitor coupon policies: We cashed in every favor we could to get you early access the best Memorial Day deals out there!