How to pronounce ideology define

It seems to me the same reason that most Americans seem to prefer "Eye- rack" and "Eye-ran" to ir 'ak and i 'ran.

English pronunciation of “ideology”

That would be idiotic. Check out our list of pronunciation videos. With the 'i' of... Both, as the mood strikes me. Both ways. So that's "eye-dee-o-sin-crat-ik" then? Maria Conlon wrote on 04 Dec 2004: The 'i' of idea for me; whenever I hear it said with the 'i' of id, I consider it idiosyncratic.

How to pronounce ideology

Same with " n either" and "new". Merriam-Webster Online gives the nod for "most common" to the "idea" version. My own pronunciation is the former, but the latter gets more play, especially on TV.

My own pronunciation is... Rob Bannister. Forums alt.

how to pronounce ideology define

I wonder if that version is more common because there's a concern, possibly subconscious, that the "id" pronunciation may conjure up negative connotations say, of "idiocy.

Ask a Question. I've noticed this because the word seems to be used more frequently of late, perhaps due to the recent elections. I've noticed this because the... Steny '08!

how to pronounce ideology define

Maria Conlon. Each in specific circumstances? No political comments, please, about the ideologies of certain people being idiotic.

how to pronounce ideology define