How long is 0511 mos schools

This includes identification of force requirements, the refinement of force and movement data for plan execution, deployment, employment, mobilization, sustainment, and redeployment of forces.

how long is 0511 mos schools

Expect to work long hours from time to time. Hey man, wow, I didn't think any other 05 got on here. That process has turned many an 0511 angry at their recruiter due to them not getting what they want. If my bro gets deployed to the middle east as a u.


An interview and recommendation by an installation's senior MAGTF Planner is required for a lateral move into this occupational field, and the Marine must attend PMOS training within six months of reporting to a command that provides on-the-job training. The enlisted personnel in this OccFld provide the technical, automated system, and advisory support to staff plans officers in the areas of force deployment planning and execution, requirements, force resources, plans analysis, report retrieval, force location, phasing data, and electronic conferencing.

Well I guess I'll just start off with asking what did you like about the job and what didnt' you like about it? For all you poolee's listen to this guy. Yahoo Answers. HAHA im not stirring the pot. Married with one child. Even they ask for help n send money?

MOS 0511 MAGTF Planning Specialist?

Well it really depends on you. If you don't like it, transfering is a possibility, but that's down the road. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? My bro told me that he picked this thing called a managerial option for the u. The schoolhouse submits the names of the class, he fills in the names according to the most needed spot first, then sends it back to the schoolhouse. Non-deployable billets would be like recruiters and drill instructors.

Also one thing I need to add. I went to Okinawa out of the schoolhouse and didn't get to go anywhere cool due to me being the junior guy in the office. That's not always a bad thing, it's just people like to know who they are getting and how their personality will fit in.

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how long is 0511 mos schools

The three years I spent at Camp Pendleton, all the Marines in my office deployed at least once, some twice. I have many friends, former and...

how long is 0511 mos schools

Long time man! Typical duties include updating plan and unit information to unit level detail for force deployment planning. Like the Marine unofficial motto, every Marine is a rifleman, a bullet doesn't care what MOS you have or why you are there.

I got out after 8 years becuase a majority of my friends had been in longer than me and were still Sergeants. I believe now it's up to our MOS monitor.

MOS Profile: 7051 Aircraft Rescue