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Turn Your Radio On. Oh, What A Time feat. The 'Stateswood' team would dominate Southern Gospel music for the next two decades. Thank you. That honor is given to the Statesmen. In time, transcribed radio programs featuring the Statemen were distributed to more than twenty radio stations throughout the Southeast. Rozell brought an emotional vocal style to the quartet.

Elvis performs with The Statesman Quartet at Ellis Auditorium | July 27, 1956

Florida Theatre St. Due to the large number of projects recorded by the Statesmen, the discography section has been divided into separate pages by decade. Petersburg August 7, 1956 Elvis Presley: The quality of their recordings improved with the addition of noted studio musicians like guitarist Chet Atkins who also produced many of their early RCA recordings.

A couple of months ago during my asksteve feature I received a question from a reader who asked if I would ever give my thoughts on the worst Southern Gospel songs. Jake Robinson: Jacksonville, FL.

The Statesmen Quartet

Throughout their lengthy career, the Statesmen issued dozens of albums on RCA, with Lister remaining an active member into the 21st century. The program featured the Statesmen and the Blackwood Brothers with one guest group on each 30-minute show. After spending the last several weeks going through a catalog of nearly 30,000 songs recorded by Southern Gospel artists throughout its history, next week I will countdown what I feel to be the twenty least remarkable songs in the history of the genre.

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Hovie Lister

After several months, McNeal returned to his former position as lead singer with the Prophets and Jack Toney returned to the Statesmen. This is an excellent release no fan should be without it.

The 1950s: