What else is like chloroformed

The plus side was that it peaked at about 15 to 20 seconds and after 1 minute all was normal.

Is chloroform still used to knock people out?

I find this an interesting idea, provided everyone in the game is aware of the dangers and obvious precautions are taken. Remember, even in hospitals, sometimes people just die going into surgery, before the doctor even lifts a scalpel, as they have a bad reaction to the anesthetic.

what else is like chloroformed

Even if you don't plan to use that, there's little reason no to have a go at making it anyway, just to give you an idea of working with a soporific substance like that.

You could try nitrous oxide - it would have to be administeresd through some kind of mask - like a nebuliser. Look here: The Human Body.

But if your generally healthy - no heart conditions - blood pressure and such it should be relativly harmless - I know people who could breath this stuff like air. They would perhaps serve to distract your opponents while you take them out, or you could mould a few together for more effect.

There's something with no recorded fatalities that could, to some degree, sedate them, but it might not make them all that inclined to get out of their bunker. When you come up the structure full of opponents, slide the rubber band over the Honkers push button to hold it on, and toss it into the structure, the LOUD noise will distract and disorient them.

I make five good mistakes before breakfast. Lo all: Everyday science.

what else is like chloroformed

Planet Earth. Just 'cause you're putting the drug in the air, doesn't make dosege any simpler in some ways it's more complicated.

what else is like chloroformed

I guarantee if you start throwing incapacitants like Chloroform, LSD, Heroin fumes or more serious things like Chloropicrin or Acrolein around, you'll be getting shot at with something a little more dangerous than airsoft guns! So i was wondeing if there is a more stealthy alternative, witch also acts faster. Oh yeah, and high temperatures like that from exploding flash powder destroy THC. Home The Human Body Is chloroform still used to knock people out?

what else is like chloroformed

Email Address. Lets face it, this is what it is used for! Yes I get what you mean there. So how does chloroform hold up?