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Tweet Niall Horan NiallOfficial Had the coolest little goodie bag on the plane with this letter enclosed. Thank you all for everything. I m irst flight ever, I will do my utmost to be on my peaceful flight to europe with my dads.

#skaterboifridays - 140 Character Gems From the Teenie Bopperz

Skater Boi Fridays: Time, How, and Ask: Which one is TheEllen Show? Ladies are on the prowl young and old, boys. Create an account. Life, Memes, and Thank You: Liam's snake habitat tweets were the best.

Target, Tumblr, and Best: Drunk, Irish, and Love: I wish I had picked one activity when I was younger and stuck with it so by now I'd be pretty advanced.

Marit was quiet as a mouse for 10 hours Goodluck to both dads Hi Stranger y name is Marit. It's Friday, I'm in Love.

We're losing the skateboard cool battle, ya'll. Last night was the best thing I have ever done.

Braces, Office, and Following: But I'm happy to say: Let's take a look at what it takes to maintain 20 million followers on Twitter. Niall Horan NiallOfficial Apparently you can't have a normal conversation with someone these days if you haven't seen 'game of thrones' or 'stranger things' neil.

Remember me. Thanks for having us again. I also love the one on the onedirection twitter about measuring their penises. Chanelle's mum knows what's up. Only joking.