Doctor who symphonic spectacular sydney tickets

Doctor Who

The theme was a recall of the great loves and challenges of the Doctor spanning all of his multiple reincarnations across all time and space and in our terms from 1963 to the present. People were coming dressed in character, the most obviously popular one being Matt Smith's version, complete with fez.

doctor who symphonic spectacular sydney tickets

The place was buzzing and the crowds were very animated with the anticipation of what was to come. Many of the audience wore Dr Who garb with variously printed T-shirts being the most popular probably due toBrisbane's warm and muggy February weather. The live show, which was a sell-out on its world premiere in Australia, will enjoy a limited run of twelve UK performances next year.

doctor who symphonic spectacular sydney tickets

Now as fans count down till September to see the next incarnation of their favourite Timelord - they'll always have the music. The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular was first presented in Melbourne, Australia in February 2012, it went on to play a further nine sell-out performances at the Sydney Opera House in December 2012 receiving praise from the Australian media and fans alike.

We walked into a full house scene of 8500 avid and expectant Dr Who fans all eager for the show to start.

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

I was also surprised by the video participation from another of the classic series Doctors, Tom Baker, who shared some stories of his participation in the 50th Anniversary episode the previous year. Melbourne Today. All in all a fantastic treat and a great night to be a Doctor Who fan in Brisbane.

doctor who symphonic spectacular sydney tickets

His script was tired and could do with a little work, but overall he hosted the night well A recorded address by Tom Baker, who played the 4th Doctor, added only minimal depth to the dialogue but was appreciated in the context of timeline.

Having Peter Davison there, as well as the clips from Tom Baker, certainly made the experience memorable. We were blown away by the quality of the sound coming from the both the orchestra the choir and the solo artists. The concert itself was excellent. The live music will be accompanied by a big screen presentation of key moments and specially edited sequences from the past 50 years of Doctor Who.

He performed incredibly, full of charm, humour and complete delight.

Best Seats In The City - Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Reviews

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular 28 Jul 2014. Our seats were great with a perfect view of the stage and surrounds.

doctor who symphonic spectacular sydney tickets

It features over 100 performers and is conducted by Ben Foster, who conducts and orchestrates the musical scores for the TV series. There were many red fezes dotted throughout the venue. A sprinkle of variously coloured Fezzes were seen throughout the audience together with some brave souls wearing scarves and cricket garb. I would have liked the characters to have all come on to the stage at the end at the finale.

The live monsters provide a dramatic contrast to the evocative and thrilling music written by Murray Gold, who has been responsible for composing music for the series over the last eight years, including the record-breaking and BAFTA award-winning 50th anniversary episode Doctor Who: Although the overall show was tremendously outstanding, one of the biggest highlights were the monsters onstage and in the aisles, creating an adrenaline filled atmosphere.

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