What is the opposite of trypophobia

I guess this is the opposite of trypophobia?

It is, far and away, a condition or disease you do not want to have. This psychological disorder can strike down a Trypophobia sufferer at any time and, since a term was coined for the mental disorder in 2005, there is still no Trypophobia cure available pharmaceutically though the therapy option is available. The opposite of trypophobia? Do you like us too?

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what is the opposite of trypophobia

Existing questions. Images that disturb people with Trypophobia will elicit feelings of fear, discomfort, and general uneasiness. I think that for many people, it is the clusters themselves that are so disturbing rather than whether they are concave or not.

I like to say that I have trypophobia myself, but in actuality, it is not a fear but more of an extreme mental discomfort when I see clusters of holes.

The opposite of trypophobia?

The opposite of the bees knees. This is why, even when the pictures are rendered or photoshopped, the image of random clustered holes in nature or on our bodies can be perceived as totally repulsive.

To answer your question, I think that your fear might mostly be concerned with clusters of things that are popping out at you, which is trypophobia. The fear triggers our most basic insticts: What do i do about my self harm scars?

You've never heard of Trypophobia?

what is the opposite of trypophobia

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? If you are affected by these images that will induce a Trypophobic response, there may be no respite for your condition other than to avoid things with lots of tiny holes like maybe you cross Edward James Olmos off your must meet list. If you were sure your kids would be bullied at school would you still want kids?

what is the opposite of trypophobia

In case you haven't heard of this potentially debilitating condition, it's a mental disorder where people are fearful of objects with small holes such as honeycomb, ant holes, and clusters of coral. Related Questions The opposite of trypophobia? Whoever made this barnacle lamp should go to prison. Well let us break it down real simple for you.