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Terms of Service. My very internal period was over. Copyright 2019 Los Angeles Times. Reviewers who had missed the original release suddenly chimed in, 18 months after the event, lauding Gray's "emotional honesty" Sunday Times and "delicately crafted, beautifully sung pop rock" Heat. Touring America is like joining the Marines; they want to see you get down and dirty. I had that feeling the first time I saw him play. Retooled and revived, he poured out potent new songs--not just "White Ladder," but the acoustic album "Lost Songs," recorded cheaply in October 1999, soon out in the U.

Holden told the label: To record "White Ladder" and, initially, manufacture 6,000 copies, Gray and Holden founded IHT Records that's "hit" messed up in honor of their previous track record.

No Longer Lost in Babylon

To be convincing, you have to see the world through someone else's eyes," he says. In Ireland, where Gray's constant touring had won a following, it did 100,000 in a year.

But he was so captivated by what he heard that he stumped straight up to Liverpool, where Gray had attended art school, to meet him. In 1996-97, Olivia stood unshakably sensible through her husband's internal uproar.

It was a close-knit group. Privacy Policy. Prev 1 2. In the U. Finally launched on national radio by the tune "Babylon" and a version of "Please Forgive Me" remixed by Gray's brother-in-law, Phillip Hartnoll, "White Ladder" began its ascent toward the million mark in the U.

Gray's self-analysis runs: We'd created something unlikely, but organic at the same time. While Gray is inclined to regard his earlier U. And eventually, when Gray's head cleared, he got back together with the indefatigable Holden. You make a leap and you write a song. I actually had a gig later that day and a radio session at KCRW.

Craig McClune

They like a good song, some decent lyrics, and if you can do it live, you're for real and they'll take you on board. When Gray moved to London the following year, Holden introduced him to Phillip's wife's sister, Olivia, and within a few months they were married--in Los Angeles, as Gray happily recalls, "at a wedding chapel on Wilshire and La Brea.

Some wonder whether he should have revealed he was HIV-positive during '88 Games. No hype, let word of mouth do the work.