Tiered ceiling how to remove

I have several rooms to do next weekend. My question is: Email will not be published required.

Removing Painted Popcorn Ceiling the EASY way

I just got done scraping my popcorn ceilings. If I touch the popcorn in anyway it is destroyed and can be seen.

Getting rid of a tray ceiling

Never mind my comment. Then you sand to get out any big inconsistencies. I work for Home Depot.

tiered ceiling how to remove

That only mattered on where the builder had mudded seams and nail holes though! Thanks for the feedback! I have always loved it from the first time I used it in a farmhouse years ago.

How to Remove a Soffit – Kitchen Renovation Update

Our HVAC vents are in the floor, and it is a single story house. Need help with an existing Houzz order?

tiered ceiling how to remove

Otherwise the best thing to do would be to call a professional remodeller. Any tray we have seen in other homes we looked at starts high enough that the lowest point of the ceiling is at least 8'. A 10 inch taping knife works the best. We used plastic and tarps and did 2 rooms at once.

tiered ceiling how to remove

I did it in about one minute for every square foot and the drywall underneath was in pretty good shape. How do we protect wallpapered wall top edges when removing popcorn from ceiling?

tiered ceiling how to remove

No one mentioned that. Getting ready for the holidays?

tiered ceiling how to remove