Sisterlocks how to care for

Visit your stylist if you have more questions about how long you should wait before using these products. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 15.

Always wash with your fingertips, rather than your nails. Get your locks tightened after 3 weeks initially, then every 3 months. Edit Related wikiHows. Shampoo the individual large braids with a squeezing motion to lather shampoo rather than a massaging motion that will cause frizz.

Read over the instructions in your Sisterlock starter kit.

Don't use any non-Sisterlocks products or heat-styling tools on your hair, and stick with the schedule provided by your consultant to get your locks retightened on a regular basis. When you run out of the starter kit, purchase more Sisterlock shampoo from your consultant or the Sisterlock website. MM Morgan Morrison Oct 20, 2016. I have holes in my Sisterlocks, I asked my consultant, and she told me that it's normal, but I am worried about it, as she changes the locking rotation each time.

Laura Martin. But this article seems to encourage it very much.

sisterlocks how to care for

References The Hair Thing: Laura Martin Licensed Cosmetologist. Usually you are allowed to color after the first year. Jun 20, 2016. In order to allow the development of your locs to take place as quickly as your hair texture will allow, following the advice and recommendations of your consultant will ensure that it does.

sisterlocks how to care for

Have you ever had any encounter with such a situation and do you have any recommendations? Do use your washing bands, especially if your hair is relaxed. The braids are so small it can give women the appearance of straight hair, yet it is easily managed with no product.

Apply the Sisterlock shampoo directly to your scalp.

Care of Sisterlocks

They might make your sisterlocks fall out. Sisterlocks are most commonly worn by African-American women to better manage their natural hair. Products to Prevent Hair Breakage. Washing your sisterlocks once every one to two weeks is good. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

sisterlocks how to care for