How will two negative charges react

how will two negative charges react

The interaction between two oppositely charged objects is attractive. If objects have a build up of like charges, they will repel. This was the first lesson I had taught to two of the classes. You cannot draw a conclusion about which one of the balloons is charged or what type of charge positive or negative the charged balloon possesses.

Then ask what the electrons can do to make one of the objects positive.

Charge Interactions

I would definitely conduct this lesson in the same manner again with a few changes. Have students work with a partner. They repel. Case 2: Material Properties.

Electric potential

What happened? A X is charged and Y is neutral. Now let's contrast the observation of repulsion with that of attraction.

I ended up just having to take up their balloons and place them in the back of the room.

Many of the children needed assistance and it took a while for me to help them all. How does positive and negative charges react? The other balloon is either neutral or charged with the opposite type of charge. If a balloon were charged, then it would exhibit an attractive interaction with the neutral paper bits.

how will two negative charges react

However, you need a profound base knowledge of chem and physics to even begin to understand so just remember for now, opposites attract. Cancel Embed. And that's exactly what you do when you use one of The Physics Classroom's Interactives.

how will two negative charges react

Oppositely charged objects will exert an attractive influence upon each other. The Structure of Matter Neutral vs. Read Watch Interact Physics Tutorial.

how will two negative charges react

The first object has an overall positive charge, and the second has an overall negative charge.