How to open japanese puzzle box

Step 3 Please slide the face 3 down. Many times a key is hidden within the box and used at a certain point in the process to unlock another section or for the final opening.

how to open japanese puzzle box

Puzzle boxes are decorative wooden boxes that can only be opened through a series of often-complicated moves, including sliding, unlocking, lifting and pressing. The box is opened!

Other Marquetry. Typically, new puzzle boxes come with a difficulty rating -- for example, beginner, intermediate and advanced -- or tell you how many steps it takes to open them. Hakone and Marquetry. Puzzle box banks, which come with a money slot, are also somewhat common. The Box is closed. Japanese Inlay. What's the world's hardest puzzle? Step 2 Please slide the face 2 to the left.

How does a puzzle box work?

Wooden Puzzle. If it's supposed to move, it will move easily. It is the other side of the face 1. How Tangrams Work. Moving direction is the same as you move the face 1 , but length of move.

Unfortunately, there aren't many traditional puzzle box artisans anymore. Step 4 Then, please slide the face 2 to the right. Free Wallpaper.

how to open japanese puzzle box

Please note that it may be broken if you push the face by main force. The face 3 is not seen.

how to open japanese puzzle box