How to kill weevils in pantry

Start vacuuming immediately and ensure that you scoop away the escaping pests.

how to kill weevils in pantry

Spray carpets, area rugs, floor mats, baseboards, furniture and any cabinet or closet you think might have activity. Oops … what if I ate something that has a bug in it?

how to kill weevils in pantry

Since weevils can lay a few eggs a day for months, you might be dealing with flour weevils for a while. So in your case, if only 1-2 bags of the rice is infected, the remaining amounts could very well be salvaged. You won't need to use commercial insecticides for weevils or pantry moths if you clean your pantry and remove their food source.

Then a few days later I found the source where they were coming from: Finally, set some Pheromone based traps in cabinets and pantries where activity has been noted. It is successful when your flour, rice or other grain products are kept in containers.

how to kill weevils in pantry

Chicken Parm Stuffed Shells 00: Weevils like to spend time in dark, moist places. This helps to keep them but a thorough vacuuming should help to remove some.

How to Kill Weevils Safely in Your Home

The freezing tip was also useful. They said they never seen this before. This will insure the foraging adults are not able to lay eggs which will prosper elsewhere in the home if you allow them free access.

how to kill weevils in pantry

You can treat. Rice infested with weevils or ghuns. Flour Weevil: This will kill any eggs or weevils that are already in the flour. Jonathan Customer Care http: Picture courtesy: Also the weevils are on the ceiling after they sprayed.

Use a standard Pump Sprayer or Hose End Sprayer to apply it and expect to use 3-4 gallons to treat the exterior adequately. Sign Up for More No Thanks.

How to make your kitchen free of weevils!

Once prepared, the first product well suite for this are is an aerosol. Luckily, these weevils have no harm on human health; their excessive habit of eating can lead to a great grain loss. Don't panic.