Celebs who look related

Perhaps it was their identically shaped though different colored eyes and twin smiles that drew them into one of Hollywood's most notorious on-set affairs. One is on top of the fashion world, the other the acting scene.

celebs who look related

And yes, it sounds like Deschanel is over the Perry comparisons. The Latest. The only way to distinguish the two: What's the best episode ever?

celebs who look related

Even Braff knows the two look alike. One has made a career out of playing serial killers; the other has made a career out of creating serial killers.

The official Oscars Instagram even confused the two back in 2014. But because I hadn't had coffee yet or because I had a serious mental lapse, I called the Take Two star Leighton Meester to all my colleagues.

16 Pairs of Celebrities Who Look Like Identical Twins

But Paradise contestant Iaconetti was the first to notice their equally chiseled cheekbones and jaws. And I kind of just went with it because I didn't want to crush her dreams," she continued. Hathaway and Mrs. Hale added that she believes there's a group of women in Hollywood who all have a similar vibe including herself, Sarah Hyland, and Maisie Williams.

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Evan Rachel Wood and the "Marvelous Mrs.

From Katharine and Sophia to Ed and Harry, You Won't Believe These Celebrity Look-alikes!

But perhaps nothing sums it up better than this incredible transformation gif. Virat Kohli and Dominic Cooper. Is that Ed or Harry? Though Close tried to correct her, the fan wasn't having it.

Double Take! Celebrities who look alike

This comparison was so prevalent when pop star Perry first became famous that New Girl actress Deschanel joked about it in interviews while also sounding a bit miffed about it.

It may be hard to see through that bushy beard, but it's all in those defined cheeks.

celebs who look related

Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint The singer and the Harry Potter actor have the shaggy red hair and the smirk down perfectly. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren.

Ten celebrity pairs who look so freakily alike they could be twins

Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice If you ever get the opportunity to tell Nina Dobrev that she looks like Victoria Justice or vice-versa, don't bother — they're already well aware of the resemblance. Read more: Just maybe the stand-up comic has musical skills he never revealed and the two can hit the road. The actresses are well aware that fans get them mixed up. Or was that Hahn?