What do class 2 elastics do

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While there is a wide ranging search for multiple databases or information to address the key question of this review. Logging In... A brilliant summary of orthodontics and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. They measured the molar relationship on study casts and analysed multiple cephalometric measurements many times. About the elastic group, i belive that it could be divided into many groups, depending on the force of the elastics , and depending on the size of wires they started the elastics with, if you consider the ELSE which start the elastic in a very early stage , i can see significant difference between this and the traditional protocol for using the Elastics.

There is no formal assessment of study quality and the fact that all except one of the included studies failed to provide adequate information regarding the elastic usage causes concern regarding the overall conclusions of this review.

what do class 2 elastics do

Little attention has been given to the soft-tissue effects of this treatment modality. Merry Christmas! Post a Comment Cancel Comment Your email address will not be published.

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A curiosity about the underlying mechanism of Class II correction and a little descriptive data make it easier to understand the outcome of an A vs. Part 2 of a brilliant summary of orthodontics and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. This means that the study would have become biased. Occasionally when I have given a lecture on functional appliances several people have asked whether I think class II elastics have a similar effect to the functional appliance.

Everybody knows already that the functional appliance wont work if the child wont wear it.

what do class 2 elastics do

Related Posts Class II malocclusion 20 facts about treatment. I wonder if anyone has ever looked at the data in your multi centre twin block study and removed the non-compliers? I am one of the latter and think that cephalometric analysis e. What do we know about Class II orthodontic treatment? I was disappointed to see that they removed two patients from the elastic group because of poor cooperation.

Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Class II malocclusion , diagnosis , distal movement molars , evidence , forsus , Functional appliance treatment , Randomised trial , Treatment.

what do class 2 elastics do

Only English language studies were included. They collected data at the start of treatment and 10 to 12 weeks after fixed appliance removal.

The case selection is of importance. Retrospective or prospective studies reporting the treatment of Class II malocclusions using class II elastics that reported dental or skeletal outcomes of treatment were included. The main aim of this review was to assess whether Class II elastics are effective in correcting Class II malocclusions. Furthermore a 2012 Cochrane review by Millett et al which we highlighted previously Dental Elf 27 th Jan 2012 did not find any randomised controlled or controlled clinical trials that addresses orthodontic treatment for children with a Class II division 2 malocclusion.

This new paper may provide us with a potential answer to this question.

what do class 2 elastics do

I am interested in your comment that removal of patients who did not comply leads to selection bias. But it certainly acts as a model for future research.