Sermons on what behind the masks

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Behind The Mask

After all, they all look alike don't they? Or can you? We come to church, wearing a smiling mask that hides the hidden realities of our hearts. In our culture Halloween has become a night were we like to put on costumes and masks — posing as something or someone different than ourselves.

sermons on what behind the masks

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sermons on what behind the masks

Somewhere in the dark I knew there were beautiful surroundings that I could not see — All I had to go with was a small light that illuminated a very small area. These verses are a bit of a mystery for some, but I actually like these verses.

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There is nothing more deadly to receiving the Spirit of God than a mind and heart sealed in fear. When they finally brought him out, he was little more than an emaciated skeleton. There is an East African story of a woman that always walked around with a Bible; she never parted with it.

sermons on what behind the masks

Was it a trap? And although with maturity we may grow to accept ourselves more and more, society continues to put tremendous pressure on you and on me, to be something, or someone, besides ourselves. So sad, that Jeremiah went through a period of time when he felt like God was out to destroy him. Longing for intimacy? She was measuring by the faith of a father of the faith, Jacob, who had lived twenty centuries before.

The content of this book is described perfectly by its title — it contains 5 melancholy poems mourning the destruction of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians - a tragedy that could have been averted had Israel only repented. Please join us on these social networks: The water I give them will become a spring of water gushing up to eternal life.

They are still seeking to understand Jesus.

sermons on what behind the masks

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