How to change gear shift truck accessories

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There is also a function that facilitates speed adjustment when the vehicle is idling or driving very slowly — in traffic queues, for instance. In recent years, Volvo I-Shift has become the industry benchmark when it comes to automated transmission.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 17. That's too dangerous because you are free wheeling in neutral and may gain so much road speed that you'll be unable to get back in gear in time.


Includes intelligent functions that minimise fuel consumption. It does this by accessing data from all trucks using I-See.

how to change gear shift truck accessories

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Gear Shift Knobs and Accessories

Share yours! Gear Shift Covers and Accessories. AS Avinesh Sami Mar 6, 2017.

how to change gear shift truck accessories

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Eaton Fuller Transmission Gear Shift Accessories

There are various options, designed to make the transport business run ever more efficiently. Your index finger operates the range switch, which allows you to flip between high and low at each gear position with your thumb.

how to change gear shift truck accessories

Functions suited for the specific conditions in the construction segment. When we built your truck, we optimised your I-Shift software for a specific transport application. Depress the clutch again slightly not to the floor when the RPMs reach first-gear range, and switch the splitter back to "L," then pull the gear shift into the neutral position and release the clutch.

Works together with EBS and automatically activates brake functions that aid starting and close-quarter manoeuvring.

how to change gear shift truck accessories

Continue shifting through the higher gears. Get in touch Get in contact with your local Volvo Trucks dealer to explore the full spec and all offer details.

how to change gear shift truck accessories

The use of I-see can save up to 5 per cent in fuel. The entire gear range is utilised, and the gears are changed consistently at high revs to maintain torque and driving comfort. Switch the range, then double-clutch-shift back to where 1 was before, and it will be fifth gear. Eaton Fuller Transmission Gear Shift Accessories Our expanded selection of unique and affordable gear shift knobs always gets high marks from drivers who are looking for something truly different, that's unlike anything their buddies have ever seen before.