How does toilet auger work

There are two tools that can take care of a clogged toilet efficiently.

How to Use the Tool Called a Snake on Stopped-Up Toilets : Plumbing Tips

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Toilet Auger vs. Snake: Which Tool to Use and Why

Use one hand to hold the toilet auger housing and keep it in place. It can be a little messy. Augers are usually made of metal.

how does toilet auger work

You should feel the auger grab something or break up the clog. When properly inserted, you should not be able to see the end of the auger cable— you will see only the housing.

The more expensive ones will have a heavier snake that will not kink as easy.

how does toilet auger work

Again the toilet auger is a manual snake that is just long enough to get through the piping in your toilet. When to Reach for a Toilet Auger.

how does toilet auger work

To use the toilet auger make sure that the snake is in the retracted position. Once the toilet is unplugged you can flush it a time or two with the snake still inside the toilet. This article will give you the information you need.

How To Use A Toilet Auger

With one of these you can get rid of most clogs in five minutes or less. Always use a pair of gloves when handling the toilet auger cable.

how does toilet auger work

Pull the handle all the way up and position the auger in the trap opening Push down while turning the handle. Instead, bring a pan or pot of water from another source to supply the water you need to cover the plunger cup.

The closet auger has a long sleeve to guide the snake and auger hook into the trap.