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These techniques were identified by observing the representation of the in-group and the immigrants in all the news items selected. According to Haas:. These two euphemisms, although meant to represent the same concept, do so in different ways that convey different messages and will pull the receivers of the frames in different directions. Despite the love of unguarded sincerity, snootiness still plays a part.

WORD & IMAGE; Dysphemisms

Journal of Language and Politics , 9 1 , 1-28. Hakkert-Publisher, 1997. This is something which occurs only in very close personal relationships, in which, as well as these factors of an affective nature, the intonation and gestures of the speaker are of vital importance.

In fact, sometimes it seems that the forbidden term does not even exist, although, of course, there is a forbidden concept or reality, which leads us to wonder if, instead of a forbidden vocabulary as a base for substitution , we should be talking of a conceptual interdiction as the starting point for different euphemistic or dysphemistic formulations.

Media, migration and public opinion: Irregular migration from Asia and Africa to Europe. Pity, compassion, and help have a crucial role in discriminatory discourse and in reproducing racism because immigrants are represented as a burden for the Spanish society from the first moment of arrival.

JJS , 32 1981 , 56—64: In this sense, they are portrayed as passive because, once they arrive, it is people from the majority group-NGOs or members of the Social Security Forces-who take care of them, protect them, offering medical care, food, clothes and shelter, and who make decisions for them.

Leche lit. The answer seems to be both. Kress, G. They appear in a long shot and, therefore, they are represented as strangers who have a different social reality to that of the main group, which contributes to highlighting the differences between them and us. Conflict of Opinion.

Euphemism and Dysphemism

The texts chosen as examples show that immigrants are portrayed as different from the main group of the population. Methods of critical discourse analysis. However, in terms of social interaction van Leeuwen, 2008 it is significant that none of the social actors represented looks at the readers: El oyente pasa por alto el valor intelectual del vocablo.

Left or Liberal?

Van Leeuwen, T. Commandments, The 613.