Avri 57 strat specs howard

My favourites are the D Allen Voodoo 69s.

Fender American Vintage '57 Reissue Stratocaster 1999 AVRI G&G Tweed Case "Outstanding Condition"

On a general note, pickups with more output has more mid range, which goes well with Big Muffs. The Texas Specials are hotter, with more mids.

avri 57 strat specs howard

Here we talk about a set as follows: I have my cleans in the middle position, great neck sound and then for that screaming smooth lead, I can go to the SSL5 bridge. Hi Bjorn i was looking on the Kinman website and they are now offering unaged noiseless pickups.

American vintage 62 stratocaster specs howard

Compared to the CS69s, they got more mids and an overall hotter or louder output. Hi Sebastien. The pickup has a classic, vintage Strat tone with considerably higher output and mid range, compared to the CS69s.

avri 57 strat specs howard

Looks great! Before I had this set of pickups, I used to have a full Fender CS Classic 69 set with the same sound in that position.

Fender American Vintage '57 Stratocaster Electric Guitar

I have now reinstalled the EMG s and made a discovery that has opened things up for me. Quiet pickups. In every youtube video of vintage Strats, 50s sound a lot trebly without the lows balancing the tone, early 60s sound a bit more compressed and powerful and late 60s ones not so full sounding, but warmer than 50s.

avri 57 strat specs howard

The magnetic pull can cause a lot buzz, strange harmonics and even choked sustain and the only way to reduce it is to adjust the string and pickup height. Also you might need to drill new holes for the screws!

avri 57 strat specs howard

Its how the CS relics should look.. And if not, maybe you can describe me where the most important tone difference lies, like: Many thanks. I have been upgrading for over a year now on my Gilmour tone quest, with you site as my main guide.

Please help with specs on my '57 reissue

They have a fairly low output and sound somewhat similar to the SSL5. He is also a really good guitar player and does pink floyd tributes. Keep in mind that higher output pickups and lots of gain from amps and pedals will only amplify what ever noise there is in the rig. Go with modded strat on wywh animals and beyond?

Lindy Fralin also has a couple of models with a very effective noise cancelling design.