What is the speech bubble called

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Plenty of usage on this page if you want to add a citation: Log in. Mari-Lou A 62. Using clear patterns and lines, the characters would speak using speech bubbles more similar to comics than to picture books. According to wikipedia, it's a tail: They speak in a heavily mumbled manner almost indecipherable to the watcher; however, their speech is also shown in speech bubbles.

He equips his beauties with speech bubbles for them to express unspoken, very personal feelings, far from their consumer appeal.

what is the speech bubble called

These girls have hearts that appear in their speech bubbles representative of her affection toward the player ranging from white indifferent to pink in love. I'm assuming this is the same term for thought bubbles?

How to Draw a Cartoon Speech Bubble

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what is the speech bubble called

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Speech bubbles and their meaning in animated videos

What they say is shown in a speech bubble. Luckieee Luckieee 1.

what is the speech bubble called

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