How to start child care business

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The name of your daycare will become your brand. Will you provide food or do children need to bring snacks and lunches?

how to start child care business

After reading how easy and simple it can be just by following the steps I'm sure and confident I can get the job done! Interview several families and ask the parents what type of child care they could benefit from, and the extent to which this type of service is already provided by local businesses.

I decided it was better for me to be the one in the office answering the phone and giving the tours because no one else had as much invested in this business as I did. Set up your financial record-keeping system from the outset in a way that will provide you with the information you need to monitor your profitability and handle your tax reporting.

how to start child care business

The fees you charge will provide the financial base for your company and your income. The legal requirements to operate a home-based child-care business are also generally less strict than those for a center-based child-care business.

There are several different types of legal structures for your potential business, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Flag as... How many children?

How to Offer Child-Care Services

Government agencies: Continue Reading. NH Nina Hall Dec 18, 2018. What are the hours of the other businesses? Your local municipal government office should be able to tell you what licenses you will need to obtain in order to run your child-care business.

The first step to starting a daycare is to contact your state Daycare Licensing Agency. Another factor to consider is how and when you will accept payment. In any case, you should contact your local municipality or lawyer.

how to start child care business

An environmental health inspection. Any successful business depends on a sound marketing strategy that makes the community aware of the great services you will offer. Since you'll be offering a carefully planned curriculum that is far more than a mere baby-sitting service, you are justified in establishing a fee structure similar in design to a private school.

how to start child care business

Perhaps the best way to start making this decision is to examine your motivations for going into the child-care business. Many states have strict rules about the maximum number of children of certain ages allowed in a home daycare. To open a child care business, start by developing a business plan and budget.

You gathered a lot of this information earlier when first formatting your business plan; now, you can use it to help you target your marketing.