How to grow rare plants sims 3

Level 6 — Revive plant: I planted 15 special seeds and got 2 money tree, 4 death plant, 2 life fruit, and the rest were flame fruit. As in, if you plant them after 5 am Sunday and before 5 am Monday, then they will reach maturity at 5 am Saturday.

how to grow rare plants sims 3

The special gardening opportunities require your Sim to be in Sunset Valley or Riverview and be at least level 9 before they will trigger. Notify me of new comments via email.

The Sims 3 Plant List

The reasoning is simple. You can then take them back home and plant away! May 16, 2010 at 5: April 29, 2010 at 3: And do you have to refrigerate the fish you catch and the plants you harvest will they spoil in your inventory? A Novel Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Newell Familys Says: Collecting 7 of them will increase the quality of mushrooms grown.

how to grow rare plants sims 3

A Biography of Cancer. So pick one to be fisherman, one to be cook, gardener, etc and combine forces, much like power rangers or captain planet. On a side note I really like your sim!

how to grow rare plants sims 3

Upon ingesting these plants, there is a chance for Nausea - giving no positive effect, only making a Sim sick. February 7, 2010 at 10: You can also plant directly into the ground.

Accepted Answer. The Sims 3 Store. For more information on gardening, check out www.

how to grow rare plants sims 3

You can find money tree and other special seeds occasionally while fishing! Debbie Collett. Also received as a reward for completing the Space Rocks Collection.

Guide: The Sims 4 Gardening Skill and Plant List

Bananas offer the single highest Gardening skill experience boost when planted, and are the easiest way to level from 7-10 Gardening. Ricalynn, one of our Forum Moderators and frequent contributor posted the following list to aid players in finding these new plants in Moonlight Falls.

Without fertilizer?

how to grow rare plants sims 3