How to draw female cartoon mouths

There are also various degrees of complexity and realism depending on the style and the artists preference. Drawing anime lips is side view is fairly simple. You can see in the above example how with some tweaks you can use the front view of the lips to get the side view.

how to draw female cartoon mouths

You can think of drawing lips in side view as only drawing half the lips in front view that are horizontally slightly squeezed. It focuses on female lips but some examples can also be used for drawing male lips. You can see that in some examples the color is what defines the shape of the lips instead of the outline.

How to Draw Anime Lips Tutorial

Again lips vary from person to person and style to style but the above example is a good basis to go on. When you know you are going to color the lips but are drawing in a more simplistic style draw some light guidelines for the overall shape of the mouth.

how to draw female cartoon mouths

Draw the lips fairly small compared to the rest of the facial features. When drawing the outer part of the lips remember that just like in the closed mouth example the inner part of the mouth is indented and so the outer part will stick out more.

This way the shape of both the top and bottom lip is visible but not overly stretched or distorted. This tutorial explains how to drawing anime and manga style lips in different variations from different views front, three quarter and side.

how to draw female cartoon mouths

There are two reason as to why you want to do this. To do this we can draw a slightly open mouth in a fairly relaxed state. The bottom lip is often drawn with one smooth upside down curve but if you study the lips carefully this can vary from person to person the bottom lip tends to actually be two very light curves at the lower half that join to form one bigger curve. In the above illustration you can see the progression from more realistic examples to more stylized ones.

As the lips are stretched out their overall shape will become less defined.

You can think of each lip as a sort of half-circle shape. It is very common for mouths in anime and manga to be drawn without lips but some styles usually the more realistic ones do show lips.

You can simply draw the final example of the side view right away while using the front view as a reference.

how to draw female cartoon mouths

Lips can take many irregular shapes depending on what the character you are drawing is doing. This is particularly common in the more simplified anime styles where a character is wearing lipstick. You Might Also Like: Just like real lips anime and manga style lips come in different shapes and sizes. One interesting trick with using color to define the lips is that not having an outline can also makes the lips appear softer.

The upper part of the bottom lip are two curves that go from the outer part of the lips down towards the middle as shown in the above example. The second reason is perspective.