How pittsburgh reinvented itself

She demoed her product at the White House, and the U. Facebook Twitter Email 0 Comments. The depth of talent, companies, and new ideas has attracted global attention.

Pittsburgh’s Reinvention from Steel City to Tech Hub

You find the New Pittsburgh in cubbyhole offices in Oakland and temporary headquarters in the Strip District — but mostly inside the heads of such people as Robb Myer. What is new, however, is that suddenly everyone gets it. Welcome to the New Pittsburgh: Still, while the rest of the country marvels at this dazzling new thing, we Pittsburghers wonder how everyone missed it for so long. Pittsburgh has shown itself to be willing to adapt and change in response to economic upheaval — oftentimes by necessity.

how pittsburgh reinvented itself

Even so, when Steve Lee came to Pittsburgh in the early 1970s to attend Carnegie Mellon, steel production was still taking a toll. Instead, we need to win the jobs of the future. Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh became powerhouses in computing, robotics and biotechnology.

how pittsburgh reinvented itself

You bump into folks by the 61C Cafe or waiting for a Bakery Square shuttle or at a block party who are talking about things [that] are saving lives or changing the ways people live all around the world.

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how pittsburgh reinvented itself

Durable, long-term investments in this innovation capacity are core to the Pittsburgh experience and flow from across sectors.

The study found that 16 percent of workers in the life, physical and social sciences are new arrivals.

How Pittsburgh shed its rust belt image

Today, no one industry dominates Pittsburgh's economy. A ghost wall, remnants of the Superior Union Made Clothing sign in downtown Pittsburgh that greets visitors with a faint reminder of an industrial ling past. A former mill on the river is now a bustling technology park. A view of downtown Pittsburgh from the Duquesne Incline on Mt. Roddy is a freelance journalist and former special assistant in the Pennsylvania Office of the Governor.

A 'Silicon Strip' that's rising in America's Rust Belt

Alexander is co-founder and CEO of SolePower , a start-up that makes power-generating shoe insoles, called EnSoles, that charge portable electronics, such as smartphones and GPS, by harvesting the energy taken with each step and storing it in an easily accessible battery.

The highest growth sectors are business and financial services, including construction and engineering, and health care, including medical devices and information technology. It has taken a lot of years for the mayor of Pittsburgh to enjoy telling people how to avoid a crowd.