What does power supply efficiency mean

First an explanation of what exactly the efficiency of a PSU means. Thanks TPU. You must log in or register to reply here.

Is it worth investing in a high-efficiency power supply?

That's my understanding and im just now starting to get into PSU's lol. That is incorrect.

what does power supply efficiency mean

The advent of the various 80 Plus levels has created a second variable that can have a significant impact on unit price. Joined Aug 16, 2007 Messages 7,180 1.


Other losses include the dynamic component losses due to the MOSFET and diode switching losses that occur during the transition between the ON and OFF states since some power must be consumed as the devices change their states. In addition the design of the circuit may also reduce power losses and improve the efficiency.

I'm one that lives by the moto "nothing is impossible", so I'm not going to say flat out no.

what does power supply efficiency mean

What is in it for me? In the pre-80 Plus days, PSU prices normally clustered around a given wattage output.

How does PSU efficiency affect me and do I really need an 80 Plus Gold Power Supply?

The chart below lists the requirements a PSU must meet to be certified. Joined Nov 22, 2005 Messages 25,910 5.

what does power supply efficiency mean

Simple answer: Like if i got it correctly. Obviously, that can be trouble for your system. Great read.

what does power supply efficiency mean

More Posts - Google Plus. Efficiency has nothing to do with this.