Toby s return office episode where andy

Toby may still feel sore about his divorce, because as soon as Jim brought it up, Toby snapped at Clark and muttered "I'm gonna kill him". Not surprisingly, Michael has no insight.

toby s return office episode where andy

Shortly afterwards, the staff finds a video on YouTube of Ryan being arrested for fraud though while describing what he'd done in a talking head, Oscar jokes that Ryan's attempt at a beard was his "real" crime.

Toby gets the pictures he wanted of him and Pam together and leaves the office forever, but Michael gets in a final shot when he has Hank the security guard escort Toby from the building.

Scranton Strangler

Michael, Pam, and Ryan chafe working in such close quarters. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

toby s return office episode where andy

Season 5. Contents [ show ].

toby s return office episode where andy

He is seen in the background talking to various staff members and has no lines in the episode The Fire. Creed Bratton then demonstrates how he would protect himself if the strangler came for him strangles him back.

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The start of the season revolves around Michael attempting to woo Holly and eventually succeeds only for David Wallace to transfer her to another branch forcing the two to end their relationship just when it got started. The season ends with Pam learning she is pregnant.

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toby s return office episode where andy

Employee Transfer. The Office: Michael then corrects himself, only mentioning that he would only shoot Toby once. Do you like this video?

toby s return office episode where andy

Michael Scott Paper Company. Toby apparently goes slack on this rule as he says nothing more. Toby considers wearing a ski mask in the future.