How to wrap a macbook charger

Yes No. By tightly winding a cable around an object, you're forcing the natural coil of the cable and it'll begin twisting inside the insulation.

VIDEO: How to Pack A Macbook Charger

Character limit: Learn more Whether or not your adapter is still covered under warranty, you can take it to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Store for evaluation. When you route the cable, aim for gentle curves instead of angles.

how to wrap a macbook charger

The method called for wrapping the thicker cable—the one that connects to your outlet—around the power brick first, passing the cable in between the two plastic fins on the brick. It's also horrible for your power cord. Disconnect and store the adapter Properly disconnecting the MagSafe connector from the computer can prolong the life of the adapter.

Don't Wrap Your MacBook's Cable Around the Power Brick

You don't need to take your Mac, but you should bring your computer's serial number. The "wings" on the adapter allow the cable to be stored with the adapter using a very small footprint.

how to wrap a macbook charger

Bending the slimmer cable toward the base puts a strain on the connection point, increasing the chances of damage or even a fire hazard over time. Route the adapter cable Mac notebooks have the MagSafe connector on the left side of the computer.

That Clever Way of Wrapping a MacBook Power Brick Isn’t So Great — Here’s a Better Way

While the MagSafe power adapter is designed to travel with your Mac notebook, some ways of using it can contribute to the fraying or breaking of cables. If done properly, the cable should fall down straight with no knots when holding it from one end. Instead, form a loop of "extra" cable before wrapping it around the power brick's guides. If you find any such damage, stop using the adapter. In other words, create some slack for the base of the cable before wrapping it.

View Comments. Follow these recommendations to reduce the likelihood of damaging the adapter.

Reduce cable strain on your MagSafe power adapter

Unwrap and handle the cable correctly When unwrapping the cord from the adapter, be sure to support the weight of the adapter. You can use the over-under technique , but just allowing it to coil as it came from the factory will also work.

how to wrap a macbook charger

Chris Apland, Product Manager for Gaming and Networking at Monoprice , told WIRED via email, "When you roll up a cable against its natural shape it will fatigue the entire length of the cable and will twist in a direction perpendicular to the length of the cable. The most likely points where excessive bending can occur are near the adapter brick, or the MagSafe connector itself.