How to make clay pokemon figures

how to make clay pokemon figures

Does polymer clay retain its pliability for long periods of time if it remains unfired, or does it dry out pretty quickly? Share it with us!

how to make clay pokemon figures

For this project you will need: Anyway, this is soooooo cute!!! Her recipes and crafts can be found all over the internet because, well, she's awesome.

how to make clay pokemon figures

I hope I helped: Simplistically Living. Did you make this project?

Polymer Clay Eevee

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Now that you've finished sculpting your Eevee it's time to start painting away. If you do decide you want your clay figure to be hard and un-moldable once finished, you can follow the instructions on the backside of the oven-bake clay to bake the clay in the oven.

how to make clay pokemon figures

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DIY Pikachu Clay Figure

Make sure to make little indents to shape the feet and toes. However, this type of clay will not dry out unless it is baked. To make the head, make a ball a bit bigger than the one for the body and with a piece of wire, attach it on to the body.

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Hello everyone! Carissatheclaygirl AlternateLives Reply 3 years ago. I Made It! After that, make two bigger balls, flatten them and shape them.