How to get kun-lai runt location

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Took me about 90 minutes of searching. Circa 10am server time, hopped on real quick before work and there were 5 Kun-Lai Runts around the southeastern waypoints... Found same thing I saw year and a half ago.

how to get kun-lai runt location

As the top comment said. Check out WarcraftPets' Tools for more battle pet information!

how to get kun-lai runt location

Tungl 1036 pets. This makes it the highest level humanoid at 23 captured! Comment by IcedoverSoE Found one just as i flew over valley of emperors it was green quality found it on the path.

how to get kun-lai runt location

I want it. Can you say frustrating? Wonderfully OP. I have no idea about the respawn time. Course that was back during Pandaria when there were just a couple of realms sharing the zone.

Happy Hunting: Any other tips folks have for attempting to force a spawn?

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Hopefull it is just a bug though because the pet looks cool. Comment by huldu Ah yes, this bugger.

Kun-Lai Runt ā€” Pet of the Month: December 2016

I had no luck finding it as a secondary, either. World of Warcraft. I'm seriously considering using a stone on a grey one oh, you bet there are a million of those! Is there a ritual I must do to get them to spawn? I am getting frustrated here... Comment by Winning117 This pet does not count toward the achievement Pandaria Safari.

how to get kun-lai runt location