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Smart Investment With breakthrough concepts and resiliency, NBT and its high-tech startup portfolio have already achieved a valuation of over 60 million Euros. Within that same year, Sandra supported Naga's successful ICO while also serving as Managing Director of the main shareholder for a Cyprus-based broker. Tech Leadership. Ralf Hager founded Hager Unternehmensberatung in 1996.

In NBT MMB is helping the companies we build to create their initial offering and value proposition and develop the early business case and presentation. CEO of Factory Berlin. To validate market fit and ascertain market entry, NBT works with domain experts and partners.

Be Involved! Jasmin Skenderi CTO Jasmin Skenderi is a passionate technologist with 13 years experience in building hardware, firmware, and software. Ulf von Elten specializes in IT related project management. IoT in Healthcare. He also acts as a managing director of a charitable foundation in Germany. Jasmin Skenderi is a passionate technologist with 13 years experience in building hardware, firmware, and software. In 2018, Dr.

Though inherent complexity of IoT and blockchain requires appropriate development time for future applications, these technological advances secure long-term earning opportunities across diverse and massive markets. As Chief Operations Officer of NBT, Sandra manages and oversees the operative business including the control and organization of all processes and operational services. As a business angel, he actively supports innovative high-growth enterprises.

Since then, he has also been an active angel investor and served on several supervisory boards. Currently, Maik is actively serving on two supervisory boards and several advisory councils. The fourth installment of our Framing the Industries series explores how the Internet of Things technologies and machine learning capabilities can fundamentally disrupt and innovate the healthcare sector — benefiting multiple levels, from operational to patient care.

NBT is thus building up a unique start-up portfolio that enables investors to easily access high-tech innovations with minimal risk. Rudi Ludwig has over 30 years of experience in mechanical engineering, as well as the chemical and automotive supply industries. Martin Buhl built and scaled tech ventures for 15 years. Jochen is senior advisor and chairman to numerous international leading companies in the building, retail, IT and media industry in Europe, Asia and the US and is invested in several leading digital startups and more mature companies.


Now he fosters the development of the next blockchain-based "Killer-Application - made in Germany. As Chief Investment Officer of NBT, Martin provides financial guidance on venture and debt capital raising and insights on token economies and coin offerings. Johannes Schmidt Advisor Johannes Schmidt is a specialist for business intelligence and market research.

One of his recent investments includes the IoT startup KoolZone. He runs Bluefin Media Intelligence, an online monitoring consultancy.