Whole leg cured ham roast

This recipe can be applied to a whole leg of pork, weighing 10kg or more, but you can use a smaller portion off the bone or even a chump. Start early and if it finishes early, hold it in a faux cambro.

whole leg cured ham roast

Even if you can't run to the medieval magnificence of whole leg, a smaller ham will still feed a good crowd. It is also easier to carve and usually more expensive.

Hams: The Many Different Types & How to Cook Them

It is meat that is usually skinned and cured by soaking in a brine or injecting it with a brine. What sets a Christmas ham apart from any common or garden gammon is the glaze — the icing on the piggy cake as far as I'm concerned.

whole leg cured ham roast

City Ham. Lift the ham out of the liquid which can be used to make delicious baked beans , allow to cool slightly, then carefully cut off the skin, leaving as much fat beneath as possible. About FoodSafety.

Ham Cooking Chart

For details on preparing, cooking, and storing meat, see Meat. Picnic Hams are not really a ham, but a front leg from the shoulder socket through to the elbow sold raw. Delia Smith goes down the baking route , shrouding the joint in a tent of foil, then popping it in a medium oven, as does Jennifer McLagan, author of Cooking on the Bone.

In order to continually improve our website, we collect non-personal data through cookies. Three vegetarian days a week, 51 weeks a year equals, if you're lucky enough to be able to be able to afford it, one enormous turkey, a side of salmon and, to top it all off, king of the feast, a great pink ham sitting in pomp on the sideboard for all to admire. You can then cold-smoke it if you like: Servs 8.

Many recipes suggest hams should be soaked in plenty of fresh water, which is changed every 12 hours, for 24—48 hours depending on the length of the cure, before boiling. M eat reducers rejoice!

How to cook the perfect Christmas ham

Friend Meathead on Facebook. Follow Meathead on Twitter: Wet-Cured Ham is the most popular ham in the US.

whole leg cured ham roast

Leave the pork in the brine, in the coolest place you can find if the tub is too large for your fridge, for a minimum of 3 days or maximum of 4 days for every kg. If you like this recipe, you might like the following course...

whole leg cured ham roast

I find recipes using cider Porters Seasonal Celebration Cookbook , spiced wine Richard Corrigan and orange juice , but I can't resist Nigella Lawson's Coca-Cola number , an idea borrowed from the American south, where they like their food sweet and sticky.

When I think about it, it's actually not too different to that used by Jane Grigson in her Bradenham ham recipe, which cooks the traditional cure black ham in a mixture of water, molasses and pickling spices, but I prefer the latter.

Cider-cured ham

Older recipes tend to tell you to soak gammon for a day or so to remove excess saltiness, but this is rarely necessary now.

Spiral-Cut or Spiral Hams are skinned, wet-cured, and pre-cooked, usually coated with a sweet glaze and vacuum packed in plastic wrap. Some are made in the European style and can be served in their natural state like European Uncooked Hams below , but most need to be soaked and cooked.

When the fat starts to separate from the meat, it should be ready.