Who calls me from 01709 uk

But it's pretty poor practice to be asking for login details if they initiated the call. Relevant Posts. I had same problem today trying to sell me smart tablet and contract SIM card. Furthermore, when they called me last week it showed up as a "Potential Fraud" number, and when they called me up just now my 'phone displayed a large tick and "Vodafone".

I have received a call from them today to the number is still the same as the comment posted 3 months ago. If the idea is to reassure us, giving us a reasonable chance to spot the pesky number in the list would be ever so helpful.

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Showing results for. At that point it was on the list. View All. Why am I having such problems?... The point I'm trying to make is that Vodafone is making quite a good job of confusing us.

Search instead for. It's strange that you're still receiving calls after requesting to be removed previously and we'll be happy to investigate this for you.

who calls me from 01709 uk

Poor Support - Static IP. This will change your marketing preferences and you'll no longer receive further contact. Maybe it is a Vodafone number, maybe it isn't - googling the number produces a pretty mixed set of answers - but this level of uncertainty over "recognised numbers" leaves the door wide open to fraudsters to call from any old number, insist that they're Vodafone, and grumble that some other office has fouled up yet again with updating the list.

Prepaid card credit gone. I'm going to feed this back so it can be looked into and we can find out for definite what needs to happen.

who calls me from 01709 uk

This number has called me 6 times in the last 3 days, when I went to text STOP to 9774 I realised I had actually already done so in 2015. Colleen said she had referred it for investigation, so it looks as though it was discovered to be genuine, and added to the list.

who calls me from 01709 uk

I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

If you wish to stop receiving these calls, please text STOP to 9774. This is getting just faintly silly. If it needs to be added to our list we'll be sure to do this, if not the necessary actions will be taken to stop future calls.