Where is shandong in china

Shandong, China

A pipeline completed in 1978 connects the Shengli oil field with those of the North China Plain in Hebei and the ports and refineries of the lower Yangtze River Chang Jiang area.

This discovery pointed to the origin of the Longshan culture and also provided important clues to the studies of the primitive culture in the coastal area of Shandong and Zhejiang Province in the Huanghe and Huaihe Rivers valleys.

A dvertisement on this website? Poplars, pines, and arborvitae an aromatic evergreen tree of the cypress family are planted around settlements, along roads, and on the coasts. The inland zone, especially in its northern sections, is subject to the full effect of the winter monsoon , when cold, northwesterly winds continue through December.

where is shandong in china

Feng Jicai: The large size of the peanuts grown in Shandong is especially well suited for oil pressing, and Shandong is a leading manufacturer of peanut oil for cooking. Species there include reeds, grassy legumes, and several varieties of shrubs, notably tamarisk.

where is shandong in china

The climate is characterized by rain during the summer and autumn and a dry winter. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: The warm, frost free climate allows vineyards and orchards to flourish.

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Dongying, on Laizhou Bay, home to the Shengli oil field, is a newly rising city with petrochemicals, paper, rubber products, textiles, and food processing as its mainstays.

Old fishing boat on Ru Shan Shi beach, Shandong. Capital City: The wind direction gradually reverses by March, and warmer, southeasterly winds prevail throughout the summer.

where is shandong in china

The Kong family who are direct descendents of the sage, now in their 83rd generation, claim the longest family tree in the world. Shandong has a diversified agricultural and industrial economy. Lianliu , a shrub with long willowy branches, is used for basket weaving, while other plants are woven into thatch mattings and sunshades. An extensive system of express highways has been developed since the mid-1990s.

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This area was frequently subject to flooding but, because of its fertility and level terrain, gradually became densely settled. Shandong Province is situated in the eastern part of China on the lower reaches of the Yellow River.

The maritime orientation of the Shandong Peninsula tends to modify the climatic extremes of the inland zone. Written By: It slopes eastward into a northwest-southeast trough skirting the western perimeter of the central Shandong hill mass and is filled with a mixture of loess windblown silt and alluvial materials sand, clay, and gravel , along with more recently deposited alluvium, resulting from the building up of the Huang He floodplain.

Province of Shandong, China

Table Of Contents. In fact, worshiping on the mountain was once a sacred rite for emperors, who would climb the peak and offer sacrifices of food and jade. Zibo is now a major industrial municipality in the province; in addition to its traditional manufactures of glass, porcelain and ceramics, and textiles, more recent production includes thermal power generation and the manufacture of petrochemicals and electrical equipment. View More. In the interior zone the annual growing season extends from 200 to 250 days.