Pension rights during divorce who moves

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pension rights during divorce who moves

Divorce among couples in their 50s can be very expensive, indeed, particularly as it pertains to retirement planning. Your Money.

How to Protect Your Pension in Divorce

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pension rights during divorce who moves

According to court documents, Patricia and Gary Langston married in 1964 and nearly three decades later, divorced in 1993. It's important to understand how the plan works because it affects how you'll divide up the assets as part of the divorce.

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pension rights during divorce who moves

Did you find this guide helpful? Divorce can be one of the hardest and ugliest things to deal with in your life.

Dividing pensions on divorce or dissolution

Retirement Living. If the court awards a share of the pension to an ex who was not married to the retiree for at least 10 years, then the retiree will have to make those payments himself. Related guides How could getting divorced affect my pension and retirement income?

The rules of the pension scheme will help inform you which of these options will work best for you.

How to Protect Your Retirement After a Divorce

Be sure that you are specified as the survivor — If your ex is getting a pension that you are dividing, make certain that you are listed as the survivor or beneficiary on the plan if you intend to continue collecting benefits after he or she is gone. In 1993, Patricia was awarded half of all future pension payments, as well as survivors benefits. To add insult to injury, reimbursement for attorney fees incurred by Patricia, awarded by the district court, was denied by the court of appeals and then affirmed by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

You should also ask them how much of that pension was built up during your marriage or civil partnership.

pension rights during divorce who moves

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