How to learn magic easy gel

Magic Foil Gel

Get to know gel stain for your next staining project, and be amazed with the results. Make It. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Photo by: Emily Fazio, 2016. Learn It.

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Wipe the stain evenly across the frames. The gel stain is a thicker consistency think: Refinishing Wood Painting Staining. Gel stain brings new life to oak kitchen cabinetry. Fix It. Just see what I did to this set of lamps!

Gel stain was my product of choice — but that was decided after I did an extensive test run using ordinary oil- and water-based stains looking for the perfect product.

Expect to have to apply 2-3 coats until the finish is even or opaque.

how to learn magic easy gel

Gel stain is an easy-to-use product. Relief Printing 101: Interesting, right? Find It. Related To: Consider using gel stain, it has many advantages over traditional stain and won't cover the wood's natural grain like paint.

how to learn magic easy gel

A few years ago, I transformed my standard oak kitchen cabinets. Test this easy-to-use stain product on your next DIY project.

how to learn magic easy gel