How to get hoop belly rings out

Damage caused by opening or closing these rings improperly is not considered a manufacturer defect. Small, comfy and less likely to snag on your clothing, captive bead belly bars are the ultimate choice in navel piercing essentials with many body piercers even preferring to use the captive style for new piercings.

Dry your hands and the belly button ring off with a paper towel to minimize the transfer of bacteria.

Captive Bead Ring Information

Place the ball somewhere clean that it will not roll away while you are inserting the ring. Allow it to dry before you put it away. Likewise, once you insert your new belly ring, line up the beads on either side and slot the ball back into the opened space. You may want to protect the ring with a cloth when using tools to prevent scratching.

how to get hoop belly rings out

The ball does not screw in. If you don't have a pair of ring opening pliers, a pair of needle-nosed pliers will do the trick.

how to get hoop belly rings out

Genuine Australian Jasper Captive Ring. The bead should fall out.

how to get hoop belly rings out

As you rotate the CBR, the space will reach a point where it can be carefully pulled away from the skin. SwymCallbacks []; window. As mentioned above, it is important to be sure your piercing is healed before you remove the jewelry.

Putting The Bead Back In A CBR.

White Shell Captive Ring. Blue Goldstone Captive Ring.

how to get hoop belly rings out

If your belly button area is itching, red or painful, contact your piercer or a doctor to determine if you are allergic to the silver hoop or if the piercing is infected before removing the hoop.

Body Piercing Association of Professional Piercers: You just need to be careful not to stretch the ring open too far. She has worked as a nutrition consultant and has written numerous health and wellness articles for various online publications.

Honestly, the less you think about it, the easier it is.

how to get hoop belly rings out

Step 2. But do yourself a favor and listen to the following explanation. Use the same process after putting the ring in your piercing.