How to cut bias binding tutorial

Cut the predetermined size square from your binding fabric again, the tutorial mentioned above gives you the formulas needed to determine this size.

Lynda Maynard. Continuous method If you review continuous bias binding methods in quilt books, as well as on websites and blogs, you'll find a few variations in the actual steps for the technique.

how to cut bias binding tutorial

Go slowly and make sure you are marking and layering as recommended. Learning new and interesting techniques is one of the best ways to build upon your current knowledge. French quilt binding is the most common and durable type of binding used for quilts. Jodi Kelly.

How to Make Your Own Continuous Bias Binding

Carefully place the "B" triangle to one side. The angle from which you photographed your steps just made it look different than mine! Our last marked number was 5. When I click the "bias-binding-figuring-yardage-cutting-making-attaching" link I get a blank page.

Place pins along the straight edge. Related Articles. But you could try googling the name to see if you could find any small yardage still for sale via eBay or Etsy. Bias binding strips can be used to cover the raw edges of a project while also adding a decorative touch. All of your tutorials are awesome!!

how to cut bias binding tutorial

Has that tutorial moved? However, it requires more fabric and is a little more challenging to make.

How to Find the Just-Right Binding for Your Quilt or Sewing Project

Fold the parallelogram right sides together, carefully matching the top and bottom numbers…1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, etc. Woven fabric stretches most in this direction, allowing the finished binding to lay nice and flat on curved edges.

how to cut bias binding tutorial

Great tutorial and I created a great length of binding but it isn't bias. You can see pics on my fb page if you're interested.

how to cut bias binding tutorial

Yes, along the bottom, you start with 1.