How to compost in your apartment infographic

What do you need?

Try composting in your apartment – with a worm bin 🐛

Usually the bottom tier collects the worm tea and there is a spigot for you to harvest the worm tea. The most common compost worm is the red wiggler, which actually is a name for two kinds of composting worms.

Mix it up, baby. We also have European Nightcrawlers, called Dendrobaena veneta or Eisenia hortensis.

how to compost in your apartment infographic

September 11, 2017. Whatever still has life in it cannot be composted. You must be logged in to post a comment. Facts and Figures 2013 , June 2015, pp.

how to compost in your apartment infographic

Allotment Holders Cultivate Public Space. Vermicomposting PDF: Guide to Apartment and Condo Composting Written by Brian Enright Composting is a popular green technique that gardeners use to enrich the soil of their flowers and vegetable gardens.

how to compost in your apartment infographic

At the end of several weeks and with the help of some red wiggler worms , you will have compost , a rich organic material that can be added to soil to help your houseplants grow, improve your vegetable garden, or make your lawn greener. Or you can ask around if somebody has a compost pile in their yard or sniff out an urban gardening project in your city.

Now let the worms move in. The sheet also briefly explains why this is the ideal technique for apartments.

how to compost in your apartment infographic

But when converted into compost and applied to the land, compost sequesters carbon. Not every city offers curb-side collection of organic waste. Go for the soaking method instead, trust me.

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You can compost cotton, linen, lufahs as well as the handles of bamboo toothbrushes and sometimes even the bristles, but that depends on the manufacturer really.

If you have a vertical system, just drain the bin by opening the spigot. This link outlines how vermicomposting may be used during the winter months, the necessary conditions, and the type of bins that are used.