How to chug pop fast-food

Stressful events can kill your buzz. Pro tip: More questions.

how to chug pop fast-food

Help answer questions Learn more. Method 4. Dave Infante is a senior writer for Thrillist, and is shotgunning a beer right this instant. Use a knife, screwdriver or other small sharp implement to puncture the base of the can when it is on its side so that it doesn't spray at you.

How to chug a can of soda?

According to the Linkoping University researchers, as soon as you eat, the alcohol starts leaving the bloodstream faster. Here's the science behind getting smashed:. The beer should essentially pour down your throat. On their first visit to the lab, the subjects had been fasting for six hours.

How to Chug Beer: Tips from the World’s Fastest Beer Miler

Aaaand, you wolf-bit it. Best Answer: Where'd you get that new beer? Even the most seasoned chuggers need a break to release. Insert a bendy straw bent at 90 degrees, with the shorter side on the outside and the longer side in the bottle. New arguments.

how to chug pop fast-food

When subjects were given moderate electric shocks to their hands after getting drunk on whiskey, the shocks seemed to counteract the depressant effect of alcohol, and they performed better on reaction-time tests. This should help you push the beer out of the can and into your mouth faster than it would normally flow. While a 175g disc will hold up to five beers, players often stick to three 12oz beers. Want More?

how to chug pop fast-food